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Solar electricity is a clean and sustainable source of energy; a power we can rely on, long into the future.

Yet, as a nation, we still depend so heavily on fossil fuels – scarce resources that are approaching the end of their lives. And after years of their use, our planet is resisting the same fate. We need an affordable alternative – an alternative that cuts costs to our pockets and the environment alike.

Seriously Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels form the new generation of renewable solar energy. They’re efficient, durable and smart. They help to cut energy bills, and they’re environmentally-friendly. And, with our 4kw system, Seriously Solar’s PV panels will typically produce at least 50 per cent of your entire household electricity demand. They’ll also save nearly two tons of CO2 every year.

Better still, there’s no wastage. Thanks to Feed-in Tariffs, the benefits continue. If you don’t use all the power you generate, it’s fed back into the National Grid – and you’ll be paid for every watt. That means you’ll not only be recovering your costs whether or not you’re using power, but you’ll also continue to cut global emissions as other people use the green energy you’ve produced.

Solar electricity is on the rise. In the next six to nine years, more people than ever will be realising the huge benefits and switching over. By that time, your system will have recouped your outlay and be making you profit.

Even if you find yourself moving property, all is not lost. Typically, a home or business premises with solar PV will demand a higher resale value. Or you can simply ask us to remove your panels, then refit them to your new property – retaining your investment and recycling your clean, green power producers.

Seriously Solar’s exclusive use of high-quality equipment and the latest technology means our PV panels are a long-lasting solution for domestic or commercial buildings, designed and tailor-made to suit you.

To find out which system would be right for your home or business, please just get in touch . We’re based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, but we’ll be happy to provide advice or a free, no-obligation quote wherever you need solar.

There’s never been a better time to switch on to solar.

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